Irish Dreaming

RWTG will travel to Belfast, Ireland this summer to present Off the Map, a play by Joan Ackerman, for the opening of the Thirteenth Annual Northern Ireland Group Psychotherapy Conference.

RWTG is a troupe of American group therapists that presents stage plays to illuminate the complexity of relationships and the universal need for mutual recognition and community wellbeing for audiences of psychotherapists around the world.

Following the performance, an exploration of the play’s themes and their relevance to clinical work in Northern Ireland will be conducted in a small group discussion format. The co-facilitators for each discussion group will include a therapist from the Northern Ireland professional community and a member of the Red Well Theater Group.

As with group therapy, Off the Map is about discovery, growth and healing entwined. Protagonist Bo Groden looks back on the summer when she was eleven years old and everything changed. Serving as the play’s narrator, she sifts through the memories of an unusual childhood spent in the wilds of Northern New Mexico where her enterprising parents forged a modest life off the land and the local dump. She courageously recalls the difficult summer when her father Charlie spiraled into depression. Young Bo’s prayers for a miracle to be delivered from a mother who gardens in the nude and a father who cannot stop weeping are finally answered when young William Gibbs, a rookie IRS tax collector, arrives with a fever, an audit and a long-held secret. Healing forces are mysteriously set in motion, and dreams that once seemed impossible even to contemplate, find exuberant and transformative expression.

The Red Well Theater Group members coming to Northern Ireland include Maryetta Andrews-Sachs, John Dluhy, Mary Dluhy, Bob Schulte (Founding Director) and Rob Williams. RWTG guest artists include Kavita Avula, Laurie Slade and Tom Teasley.

Dress Rehearsal for ‘ART’

A short video clip and some pictures from the dress rehearsal for ‘ART’ which was held at the Washington School of Psychiatry on May 30, 2010. RWTG presented ‘Art’ by Yasmina Reza at the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society’s 44th Clinical Conference at the Asilomar Conference Center, located in Pacific Grove, California on Saturday evening, June 5, 2010. The presentation featured John Dluhy as Marc, John Thomas as Yvan and Rob Williams as Serg. Bob Schulte directed the play.