Bob Schulte (Director)

bobUpon returning from our Open Session presentation at the 2014 American Group Psychotherapy Association Annual Meeting, the actors were scheduled to begin reflective writing about the process of preparing their roles for The Great God Pan. Looking back, I remember when I originally introduced the task to the actors they were decidedly cool to the idea. I initially accepted that reaction as normative for actor types who prefer the spoken, rather than the written, word. But their collective ambivalence continued, with no postings submitted for the blog by the agreed upon timeline. Hmm…

In the spring issue of the AGPA Group Circle Newsletter I wrote an article about our creative process, stating that a “unique feature of the rehearsal process is the inevitability that the drama will get under our skin—and inside our hearts and minds and even our souls. We unconsciously start feeling, thinking and relating to each other in ways that resemble the characters and their torment.”

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Members and guest artists of the Red Well Theater Group contribute to the scholarly advancement of group therapy through published writing and presentations at professional meetings and conferences. Listed below are some of the most recent contributions of our members.

Avula, Kavita. (Spring 2014). Different Shades of Self: On Culture’s Undeniable Impact. American Group Psychotherapy Association Newsletter: Group Circle p. 1, 4.


Dluhy, Mary. (2014). What are we hiding and whom are we hiding from? International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 64, (1), 105-112.

This article was the Institute Plenary Address at the American Group Psychotherapy Association’s annual Institute and Conference in February 2013, “Overcoming Obstacles: The Power of the Group,” in New Orleans. The Institute’s two-day groups, led by experienced instructors, were devoted to small group teaching, both experiential and didactic.

Dluhy, M., Rubenfeld, S. & Saiger, G. (2008). Windows into Today’s Group Therapy: The National Group Psychotherapy Institute of the Washington School of Psychiatry. New York: Taylor & Francis Group.

This volume is a collection of papers by the WSP National Group Psychotherapy Institute members and reflects the mission and recent research and developments of the Institute. Originally delivered by faculty members and visiting presenters at the Washington School of Psychiatry, they represent the various vertices from which modern group psychotherapy can be studied.

Dluhy M. & R. Schulte (2013). A Playful Approach to Group Therapy. Group, 37 (1), 57-75.

This article introduces the work of the Red Well Theater Group. The authors elaborate the Group’s model through a production of the play Off the Map by Joan Ackermann, as presented at the Thirteenth Annual Northern Ireand Group Psychotherapy Conference in 2010.

Schulte, Robert. (2010). A Theatrical Rendering of Lack in a Trio. Group, 34 (1), 151-163.

This paper invites the reader into the world of Lacan and his analytic ideas most relevant to dynamic group therapy through a workshop presentation of the stage play ‘Art’, by Yasmina Reza, as performed by the Red Well Theater Group. The presentation format features a dramatic reading followed by a moderated discussion with the audience, actors and director.”

Schulte, Robert. (Spring, 2014). Red Well Theater Group: Combining Play Reading with Group Process.  American Group Psychotherapy Association Newsletter: Group Circle, p. 3, 5.

This article describes the preparation process for the Red Well Theater Group’s Open Session presentation of The Great God Pan at the 2014 AGPA Annual Meeting.

Schulte, R. Lovett, H., Rice, C., Williams, R. (In Press, 2014). The Power of the Group in Northern Ireland. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 64 (4), 467-491.

The authors report on the 14th and final convening of the Boston-Threshold Group’s annual Northern Ireland Group Psychotherapy Conference, It Can Be Done: The Power of the Group to Bear the Unbearable. They provide cultural context and leadership perspectives on the history of the conference and the planning of its final meeting. Associations to the opening plenary presentation of the play Rounding Third, by Richard Dresser, as performed by the Red Well Theater Group, link themes of power sharing, trauma, containment and hope to the here-and-now experience of the conference participants.

Segalla, Rosemary (2006). Selfish and Unselfish Behavior: Scene Stealing and Scene Sharing in Group Psychotherapy. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 56 (1).

The author discusses scene sharing and scene stealing, considering the role of values in judging behavior as selfish or unselfish… By considering values an important aspect of group therapy, the therapist is alert to the possible impingement of ones’ own or the group’s values on the process.

Segalla, Rosemary. (2014). Relational experiences in large group: A Therapeutic and training challenge. In The One and the Many: Relational Approaches to Group Psychotherpay. Edited by R. Grossmark and F. Wright. London: Routledge.

The author discusses the realistic potential of taking a new look at the large group, through the lens of a hermeneutics of trust, rather than suspicion, done in the service of developing authentic dialogue and relational experience.



Members of the Red Well Theater Group support group therapy training through faculty participation and scholarship support. To learn more about group therapy training opportunities, visit the websites of these outstanding organizations:

Washington School of Psychiatry / National Group Psychotherapy Institute

“The Institute offers a two-year program of six intensive group weekends (Friday – Saturday), each conference focusing on different aspects of group life, including various contemporary approaches to group psychotherapy. Each weekend offers multiple opportunities within the faculty/member community for mutual learning.” WSP/NGPI brochure.

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