MEMBER Profiles

Members, guest artists and guest discussants include Founding Director Robert Schulte MSW, Maryetta Andrews-Sachs MA, Kavita Avula PsyD, Eleanor Counselman Ph.D., John Dluhy M.D., Mary Dluhy MSW, Molly Donovan Ph.D., Hallie Lovett Ph.D., Liz Marsh MSW, Yavar Moghimi M.D., Rosemary Segalla Ph.D., Paul Timin MSW, Barry Wepman Ph.D., Rob Williams MSW, Connor Dale MA, Lee Futrovsky Ph.D., Macario Giraldo Ph.D., Ron Goldman Ed.D., Barbara Keezell MSW, Angela Snyder PsyD, and Tom Teasley.

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Robert Schulte MSW, CGP, FAGPARobert Schulte, MSW Bob attributes a recommendation from Mary Dluhy in 1998 that he attend a performance of ‘Art’ as the transformative moment in the creation of the Red Well Theater Group. Four years later Bob directed a dramatic reading of ‘Art’ at the Fall 2002 MAGPS Conference. Thus began a decade of dramatic play readings, study groups and workshops. He is grateful to his RWTG colleagues for their talent, therapeutic sensibilities and courage. Bob is a Past President of MAGPS, a faculty member at the Washington School of Psychiatry National Group Psychotherapy Institute and a clinical instructor at the GW University Department of Psychiatry.  He maintains a psychotherapy practice in Alexandria, VA.

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Kavita Avula, Psy.D. Kavita specializes in international and cross-cultural psychology, serving as a consultant for coordinated trauma responses around the globe.  Her adventure with RWTG began in Northern Ireland, where she delivered a bravura performance as strong willed, young Bo Groden in Off the Map.  A versatile and adventurous actress, Kavita has portrayed an array of clinically complex characters, including a psychopathic teenage Kathy in Dog Sees God, a 30-something, lovelorn Becky in Becky Shaw, a soul-searching Paige in The Great God Pan and later as eating disordered Joelle.


Maryetta Andrews-Sachs, MA, CGP Maryetta was cast as the ‘dumb blonde’ in her high school senior play and proudly served as the head majorette for the Flushing, MI marching band. “I was also Homecoming Queen for my high school—a true celebration of my then ‘false self’!” Her moving portrayal of plucky Arlene in Off the Map vastly expanded her range beyond her humble origins as a “dumb blonde”. Maryetta also appeared as a grieving Becca in Rabbit Hole, the certifiable Van’s Sister in Dog Sees God, and long-suffering Annette in God of Carnage. Maryetta is the President of the Mid-Atlantic Group Psychotherapy Society (2013-15), faculty and past-Chair of the WSP Group Psychotherapy Training Program.  She maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C.

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johnJohn Dluhy, M.D., CGP, FAGPA John has been acting in plays, television, films and public service announcements for over sixty years. He finds dramatic readings his most satisfying mode of self-expression. John has distinguished himself throughout his career in psychoanalytic psychiatry and group therapy as a leader, teacher, writer and master therapist.  As a RWTG actor John has been prolific, appearing in every play, most often in a leading role.  Memorable performances include Marc and Yvan in ‘Art’, Charlie in Off the Map, Don in Rounding Third, Edward in Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, Howie in Rabbit Hole, Van in Dog Sees God, Michael in God of Carnage and Doug in The Great God Pan.  John co-directed Becky Shaw and served as a consultant for the 2014 AGPA presentation of The Great God Pan.


Rob Williams, MBA, MSW, CGP Rob made his first stage appearance as one of the wise men in his second grade Christmas pageant. He symbolically reprised that original role in his RWTG debut as Adam in Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me. Additional roles include Serge in ‘Art’, Michael in Rounding Third, Jason in Rabbit Hole, William Gibbs in Off the Map, CB in Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, Andrew in Becky Shaw and Doug in The Great God Pan. Rob co-directed God of Carnage for AGPA 2012 and Rounding Third for the 2011 Northern Ireland Group Psychotherapy Conference. Rob is a co-author of The Power of the Group in Northern Ireland (IJGP, 2014), adjunct faculty at the American University and maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C.


Mary Dluhy, MSW, Ph.D., CGP, FAGPA Mary first graced the stage at the too-tender age of ten as the Angel Gabriel in a Christmas Pageant—an experience that left her feeling more traumatized than star struck. Mary made her acting debut with RWTG as Adult Bo in Off the Map and later as Becca in Rabbit Hole and Veronica in God of Carnage. Her acting experience has been a “pleasure and a sense of play to counteract my previously felt dread of public exposure. I love it now.” Mary is co-author of A Playful Approach to Group Therapy Training (Group, Spring 2013). She is a faculty member and past chair of the WSP National Group Psychotherapy Institute and is Director of Group Initiatives at Georgetown University.  Mary maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C.

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mollyMolly Walsh Donovan, Ph.D., CGP Molly had not been intimately involved in a stage production since her college days when she joined RWTG as a discussion facilitator for Rounding Third.  She was assistant director for Off the Map and Dog Sees God.  Molly made her acting debut portraying Veronica and Annette respectively in God of Carnage at AGPA and Division 39 in 2012.  Molly was a co-founder of the symposium series Conversations Between the Arts and Psychotherapy and is a faculty member at the Washington School of Psychiatry for the Advanced Psychotherapy Training Program. She is the current Chair of the WSP National Group Psychotherapy Institute. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the George Washington Medical Center Psychiatry Department and the GWU Psychology Department.  Molly maintains a psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C.


Hallie Lovett, Ph.D. Hallie admits her most recent theater experience prior to joining RWTG was as faculty director of the One-Act Play Contest at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Rutland, Vermont—in 1970. She made her adult acting debut with a stunning portrayal of 13-year old Bo Groden in Off the Map. Hallie also appeared as a brazen Izzy in Rabbit Hole, headstrong CB’s Sister in Dog Sees God and long-suffering Annette in God of Carnage.  Hallie is a co-author of The Power of the Group in Northern Ireland (IJGP, Fall 2014). She is faculty at the WSP National Group Psychotherapy Institute and was a Co-Founder of the symposium series, Conversations Between the Arts and Psychotherapy.  Hallie recently left Washington, D.C. where she practiced for over 35 years, to settle in her beloved Vermont where she has begun anew a private psychotherapy practice.


Liz Marsh, MSW Liz earned a fine arts degree in theater before earning her master of social work degree. Lucky us! Liz brings a trained actor sensibility to her work with RWTG that is reflected in her wide ranging roles to date: a ‘bad girl’ teen Marcie in Dog Sees God, a ‘good girl’ wife and mother Annette in God of Carnage, a ‘good bad girl’ Suzanna in Becky Shaw, and a troubled, anorexic Joelle in The Great God Pan.  Liz is expanding her role repertoire by serving as discussant and web blogger for the revival of ‘Art’ for AGPA 2015.

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yavarYavar Moghimi, M.D. Yavar is a board certified psychiatrist, documentary filmmaker, actor, and improvisation artist. His compelling debut with RWTG as teen bully Matt in Dog Sees God was followed by a funny, self-absorbed and yet deeply compassionate Max in Becky Shaw. His inspired portrayal of soul-searching Jamie in The Great God Pan in three different 2014 productions reflected the depth of his talents as an actor and clinician. Yavar is a staff psychiatrist for the Whitman Walker Clinic in Washington, D.C.


Rosemary Segalla, Ph.D. CGP, FAGPA Prior to RWTG Rosemary had not acted in a play since high school.  No matter.  She brings star power to every role, beginning with Nat in Rabbit Hole, Annette in God of Carnage, Susan in Becky Shaw and Polly in The Great God Pan. Rosemary is a master teacher, author and therapist who regularly presents nationally and internationally on topics of group therapy and the large group.  She was co-founder, with Dr. Joseph Lichtenberg of the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of Washington, D.C. She is also faculty at the WSP Group Psychotherapy Training Program and maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C.


Paul Timin, MSW Paul is a newcomer to the stage. He made his RWTG debut with a nuanced performance of George in Off the Map. Paul helps coordinate the Sunday morning play reading series. He is a longstanding member of the Mid-Atlantic Group Psychotherapy Society, where he has served multiple terms on its Board, was the Society’s official photographer for many years and is the originator of their mentoring program, now in its second decade. Paul is an accomplished photographer and painter, with his original work frequently shown in the Baltimore, Maryland area.  He maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Baltimore, MD.

barryBarry Wepman, Ph.D., CGP, FAGPA Barry made his childhood acting debut in Mrs. Ripley’s third grade class Thanksgiving pageant, creating the role of Big Chief Masasoit. For RWTG Barry’s versatility is reflected in an array of roles beginning with Michael in Rounding Third, George and Charlie in Off the Map, Serge in ‘Art’, Michael in Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, and Alan in God of Carnage.  Barry and Molly Donovan have also conducted participatory workshop readings of Off the Map at annual meetings of the American Academy of Psychotherapists. Barry is faculty at Georgetown University School of Medicine, the Washington School of Psychiatry National Group Psychotherapy Institute and Chair of the WSP Supervision Training Program. Barry maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C.

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Connor_adjustedConnor Dale, LPC Connor is an addictions counselor and drama therapist. Connor brought a compelling immediacy to his portrayal of Frank in The Great God Pan at AGPA 2014. We hope to work with Connor on future projects, including original scripts that will benefit from his acting, drama therapy and improvisational skills.

Lee Futrovsky, Ph.D. Lee is pleased to be making his debut with RWTG as Gabe in Dinner with Friends. Previous credits include Wall in A Midsummer’s Night Dream and chorus member in The Music Man, both in the late 1970s at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. After a short break to attend college, choose a career, attend graduate school, marry, raise a family and settle into middle age, he is both nervous and excited to be a part of this production. In the unlikely event that neither Broadway nor Hollywood come calling, he is planning to continue with his private practice in Chevy Chase where he sees adolescents, adults, couples and families.

MacarioMacario Giraldo, Ph.D. Macario came to the USA in 1961 with a Fulbright Scholarship to study linguistics at Georgetown University. After his MS in Applied Linguistics, he went to the Catholic University of America for his PhD in clinical psychology. He has been a member of the faculty at the Washington School of Psychiatry since 1974 and maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Washington, D.C. Macario is the author of The Dialogues in/of the Group: Lacanian Perspectives on the Psychoanalytic Group. He is making his debut with RWTG as Marc for the AGPA 2015 presentation ‘Art’.

ronnie_1Ron Goldman, Ed.D. Ron’s mid-life crisis was resolved when he trained with Shakespeare and Company in Lennox, Mass., an experience that opened up a second career, and, he says, helped him immeasurably to become a better therapist. He has written and performed original works intended to demonstrate the relationships between psychotherapy and theater. In 2002, he wrote (with Marjorie Zohn) Interplay a one person play, that tells the story about an elderly psychoanalyst and his treatment of an actor who keeps forgetting his lines. He performed the play over several years in Lenox, Boston, Santa Fe, and St. Louis. Recently, he wrote (with Amy Goldfarb) and performed an hour long story: To Know or Not to Know: That Has been the Question, a story that explores complex conflicts generated in him by the loss of his mother’s family in the Holocaust. For RWTG, he played Gabe in Dinner With Friends. Ron is a certified therapist in Emotionally Focused Therapy and maintains a private practice in Brookline, Mass.


Barbara Keezell, MSW  Barbara was ‘discovered’ by the Founding Director at an AGPA open session during her participation in a ‘role-played’ demonstration group conducted by the late Ann Alonso. As an out-of-town Bostonian, Barbara first served as an understudy for Becky Shaw and eventually found her way onto the stage in The Great God Pan, first as Cathy (AGPA 2014) and then as Joelle (Division 39, 2014).

Angela Snyder, PsyD Angie’s love of acting was sparked again this past year when she performed three times for mental health industrials as a wife of a couple in Beyond Betrayal: Couples Therapy after The Affair and The Platonic Marriage: The Treatment of Sexual Issues in Couples from a Self-Psychological and Object Relational Perspective. Prior to this, Angie was involved in the films Friendship Test, Episode Two, The Great Skate Race; Game Change; and B ball dreamin’ along with several local theater classes intended to dust off childhood dreams and experiences in plays and commercials. Angie is also a psychologist and a lover of hiking, international travel, and speaking Spanish.

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Tom Teasley Tom is a professional percussionist, composer, recording artist and master teacher. He is the artist-in-residence at the Levine School of Music in Washington, D.C. and performs live in both concert and stage productions around the globe, including the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. His collaborations with RWTG include original music performed for Off the Map (AGPA 2008, Northern Ireland, 2010), Dog Sees God (AGPA 2011), The Great God Pan (AGPA 2014; ICPP 2014) and ‘Art’ (AGPA 2015).


E's photoEleanor Counselman, Ph.D.  Eleanor Counselman–having attended every AGPA Open Session featuring the RWTG since 2006–made her debut as the guest discussant for the AGPA 2014 presentation of The Great God Pan. Excerpts of her commentary can be read on the AGPA 2014 Reflections blog post. Eleanor is the current President-Elect of AGPA, a faculty member of the Harvard Medical School and maintains a private practice in Belmont, MA.