‘Art’ by Yasmina Reza

Three men friends face an apocalypse when one of them spends a small fortune on an all-white painting. Marc disapproves of the work of art and the ‘system’ behind it. But more compellingly, he disapproves of Serge’s independence. Will their friendship survive such audacity and disdain? Will Yvan, ever the peacemaker, restore harmony in time for his only two friends to still be witnesses at his wedding—in two weeks!  “That such a simple plot can throw up such profound and meaty ideas about the rules that dictate art and friendship is a real treat. Reza and Hampton have an acute ear for the idiocies, trivia and petty assaults that pepper the conversation between friends…The real pleasures come from Reza’s creation of three beautifully defined, original characters…” —The Mail, London.